Black Money act:  Income tax department has filed 107 cases on black money stashed overseas: Govt – Times of India -India News Cart

NEW DELHI: The government on Monday told Parliament that the income tax department has filed over 10,000 cases with 107 related to black money stashed overseas.
Responding to a question in Lok Sabha, junior minister for finance Pankaj Choudhury said till the end of May, in the Panama Papers cases, undisclosed credits of Rs 20,078 crore have been detected, with another Rs 246 crore detected in the Paradise Papers cases.
In some of the older cases, the minister indicated, there has been greater progress.
Till May-end, assessment orders had been passed in 166 cases under the Black Money Act with demand raised by the income tax department adding up to Rs 8,216 crore.

Similarly, undisclosed income of Rs. 8,465 crore has been brought to tax and penalty of Rs 1,294 crores has been levied in HSBC cases, the minister said.
Further, undisclosed income of Rs 11,010 crore has been detected in International Consortium of Investigative Journalists cases.
The tax department had taken up these cases after newspapers and whistle blowers blew the lid off cases on money stashed overseas by Indians, many of whom had not disclosed them in their returns.
Separately, the minister said that there is no estimate of black money in Swiss bank accounts.

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