Indian Idol: When Farah Khan called Raghu Ram ‘hypocrite’ for getting upset over Anu Malik’s ‘rude’ tone
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In the first season of Indian Idol, Raghu Ram left judges Anu Malik, Farah Khan, and Sonu Nigam unimpressed with his singing. The reaction had not gone down well with the television personality, with Raghu calling Anu ‘rude’. Soon enough, he returned to the small screen to judge his own reality show Roadies, and was dubbed as one of the most aggressive judges the country had seen.

Years after the Indian Idol incident took place, Raghu Ram crossed paths with Farah Khan | yet again. This time, he was starring in her directorial movie Tees Maar Khan. On the sets, Raghu refreshed Farah’s memories of his still viral Indian Idol audition by showing the clip to her. The filmmaker couldn’t help but call him a ‘hypocrite.’

Speaking with, Farah recalled, “He showed it to me, and I said listen, you bloody hypocrite, you’ve been doing Roadies for so long where you are only shouting at people, abusing people, and threatening to do all sorts of things to them. So, why did you get so upset? But, I think it was fun to watch that and to know that ‘oh, he came on the show then.'”

During his audition, Raghu began his round with a stretch and then sang Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo. The judges were unimpressed. While they criticized his singing, they also had asked him about his act of stretching before singing. Raghu said that he has a ‘problem’ to which Farah asked if it was a ‘singing ki problem’. Raghu said, “It’s a problem in my body, please don’t make fun of it.”

When Anu pointed out that despite stretching, his singing did not improve, Raghu asked if the music composer-singer did not like his song. “Mere kehne ka matlab yeh hai ki aap gaa nahi sakte, mere hisaab se Mumbai nahi aa sakte (I mean that you cannot sing and according to me, you cannot come to Mumbai),” Anu replied.

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Raghu wasn’t pleased with Anu’s tone and told him, “Toh aap yeh baat tameez se bhi bol sakte hai (You could have said this politely as well).” He added, “I thought he was rude. I don’t like people being rude to me. I am sure you don’t like people being rude to you.” Raghu later said that the audition was a prank.


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